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John Roy

The creative force behind the agency.  He looks at things and problems through lenses that most people don’t know exist. He is proud of the fact that he has the ability to still channel the inner 12 year into the creative process, because they see things differently.  John is unique to the advertising world…he has a business degree.  Which allows him to see your business from the CEO or the front desk angle.  He is also a successful basketball coach, which makes teamwork, hard work and leadership second nature to him.

Sarae Boyer

Sarae Boyer

Graphic Artist

A Magical Graphic Designer

There are a lot of very good graphic designers in the advertising world, but then there are the magical ones like Sarae.  She sees things in ways that make people stop and pay attention….her designs are a stop sign on a busy street.  There is one story about a poster that says it all:  She designed a concert poster for the late great Merle Haggard show.  When Merle saw the poster after the show, he made sure he autographed the poster for Sarae and wanted her to know that he was putting a copy up in his office, because he loved the poster.

Aaron Bren

Aaron Bren

Video Production

A Video Sponge

Great video is hard.  So to get great video, you have to have two things:  An eye that can see views and angles that will jump off the screen, then brain power to learn and utilize ever changing technology to make it jump off the screen even more.  So let me tell you about this guy Aaron I know.  He’s a video guy, who flies drones, always has to have the latest cool video tech, sees the world as one giant canvas and creates video that makes people pay attention…..usually he does all of that before noon each day.

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